Jerome Blanchard

Passionate about innovation and embedded systems in automotive, I worked six years in embedded systems on the PFT MobBI at the University of Rennes 1 before going back to school in a Master degree on Cybersecurity in embedded systems.

I developed advanced knowledges in electronic architecture of vehicles and transports, knowledges consolidated by a theoritical and practical mastery of multiplexed networks (CAN, LIN, FlexRay and OBD protocols). Also trainer for companies as well as students within my job at MobBI, I built over the years a complete offer of training on In-vehicle network protocols.

INTERESTS : Reverse engineering, hardware, communication protocols, embedded systems.

LinkedIn : jérôme Blanchard

Pierre Fontaine

Student at the UBS (Université de Bretagne Sud), I study Cybersecurity for embedded systems. I have strong skills in programmation (C, C++, JAVA, LISP ...), on database (Oracle SQL, Merise ...) and operationnal research (graph theory, linear programmation ...) !

Before joining the UBS, I had been studying at the UPPA (Université de Pau et Pays de l'Adour), I would like to salute the differents professors who taught us !

I invest a lot of time in learning and practicing, but I also try to keep my mind oxygenated by practicing road cycling twice a week !

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twitter : @FtnPi

rootme : finalway64

LinkedIn : Pierre Fontaine

Romain Brenaget

Student preparing a Master degree in Cybersecurity of Embedded Systems at the UBS (Université Bretagne Sud). I'm interrested in embedded systems since the beginning of my higher education. Indeed, I own a DUT (equivalent to a two-year undergraduate diploma) in computer science with embedded systems as speciality (IUT of La Rochelle). I also have a Licence (equivalent to a BSc) in computer science (University of La Rochelle). Thoose studies gave me a strong background in hardware and software developpement. Finally, I decide to continue my studies in the domain of embedded systems and specialize myself in cybersecurity of embeeded systems.

I have big interest in connected objects, operating systems and cryptography and I spend a lot of time to learn and improve my skills. If we leave aside technology, my hobbies turn around tennis and nusmismatic.

LinkedIn : Romain BRENAGET